Clean Rooms & Labs

Einstein's specializes in lab and cleanroom construction, with a solid base of repeat clients, broad industry references, and a solid track record of completing projects on time, to budget, and surpassing performance targets. With skilled on-site Construction Managers and seasoned Project Managers.

  • Skilled in-house project and construction management professionals, each with more than a decade of "clean build" experience
  • Rapid resolution response through our extensive field knowledge, proven clean build methodologies, and engaged, hands-on approach
  • Retrofitting existing facilities and cleanroom renovation upgrade projects
  • Project specific clean build protocol plans developed for your project
  • Protocol leadership training, materials, labor and enforcement for the "Clean Zone" by our experienced team
  • Final "super clean" prior to certification
  • Understanding of code and permitting requirements, integration with the project schedule, and methods to obtain timely approvals
  • Strategic supplier and qualified subcontractor base provides reliable execution
  • Certified installation crews, trained and skilled on the systems utilized for your project

Clean Build Protocol

Einstein's understands the importance of building a lab or cleanroom "clean". All of our construction projects are completed in accordance with our established clean build protocol, and achieve the performance intent of the design.

Robust Commissioning and Start-up

Einstein's expertise includes robust commissioning and start-up of the lab or cleanroom. Our defined process and attention to detail throughout the design and construction phases enables rapid start-up, commissioning, certification and turn-over performance to specification.

  • Process piping inspections, particle reports and weld logs
  • Integrated start-up and commissioning with OEM involvement
  • Test and balance of HVAC and mechanical systems
  • Certification of your cleanroom to ISO standards
  • On-site owner training of your staff
  • Complete owner turnover packages with manuals, submittals and as-built drawings